Cold Storage

Did you know 75% of food waste occurs during production and distribution? 

Accurate temperatures and humidity are difficult to regulate. Each time a product is moved from a freezer to a warmer area for picking and palletizing for shipment…the products gets warm.

There are easy ways to control costs and decrease spoilage through efficient sold storage layouts, special dock doors, seals and other equipment. It’s time to bring technology into the cold storage space.


  • Label quality and product traceability is critical to compliance.
  • Low unemployment rates and demanding, cold work conditions creating labor shortages and unfilled openings.
  • Cold temperatures are hard on equipment and cause a 40%- 50% degradation on equipment battery life.
  • Working in cold storage can cause employees to suffer from overexertion or have adverse effects from prolonged exposure to the cold.


  • How many hours are our equipment batteries lasting?
  • How are we effectively maintain cold temperatures?
  • How long does it take us to fill open positions?

Featured Product

COLDSTORAGE™ Series of dock levelers allow the overhead dock doors to fully close to the pit floor, creating an optimum seal for effective environmental control, cleanliness and security.


Featured Product

FREEZER CLAMP allows inserts to be easily placed between layers for better picking and temperature control.

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