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Regardless of how large or small your warehouse is, at some point space becomes a challenge.

Moving locations is disruptive to operations and adding on can be expensive – not to mention the headache of navigating permits and building codes.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to:

  • Improve layouts to support your required storage and throughput
  • Reconfigure existing space to be more efficient
  • Get 25% more usable space from your existing facility?
  • Improve efficiency and productivity to drive more to your bottom line

There is.


  • Lack of inventory oversight can cause a buildup of inefficiencies within the warehouse that slows operations and increases costs. Even a few seconds of lost efficiency can cause large issues in the production process.
  • Low unemployment rates and demanding work creating labor shortages and unfilled openings.
  • The costs of hiring new employees to join the workforce are rising.


  • How do we optimize that space to avoid unnecessary labor?
  • How many hands do our pick tickets have to pass through?
  • How efficient is the flow of labor in our warehouse?
  • How long does it take us to fill open positions?
  • How do we manage OSHA inspections and certifications?

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