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It’s a classic supply-and-demand issue that is driving up wages, causing competition for workers and making labor 50%-70% of your costs.

What if you could take the operator out of the equation?

In 2018, 35% of companies are addressing staffing and productivity challenges with automation. Automation and robotic technology solutions can cut direct labor cost, increase productivity and reduce the reliance on a workforce by automating high-volume and low value-add tasks.

What if those costs could be reduced, or if your forklifts could actually add value to your operation?


  • High-pressure steam, hot water, and corrosive and irritating chemicals can affect the health of the facility and equipment
  • Managing fulfillment of both small and large batch orders
  • Need for increased order accuracy, speed and efficiency
  • DSCSA Serialization Enforcement requires product identifiers on packages/cases for traceability throughout the supply chain – Law active Nov. 2018


  • How well are we handling the influx of new SKU’s?
  • How many cases per hour are we picking today?
  • How are we managing traceability throughout the supply chain?
  • Are we using the right type of trailers to be efficient?

Case Study

Online health and beauty product retailer increases productivity by more than 100%.

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Featured Product

Robotic Tuggers allow you to move stock and orders throughout the warehouse in a more cost-effective way, saving you time and money.