The Driven by Balyo Technology is the result of 10 years of research and development in the robotics field. Changing the paradigm of AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), this technology brings the automated material handling to a new level.

Contrary to fixed and rigid AGVs, these self-guided trucks can perceive and interact in real-time with their environment, making decisions autonomously. The trucks’ smart safety systems make it possible for humans and robots to work together in a shared environment.

In line with the Warehouse and Factory 4.0 concepts, our solution is fully connected to our customers’ systems (machines, ERP/WMS, doors, conveyors, etc.), and offers increased competitiveness in their goods handling operations.


Yale lift trucks Driven by Balyo are available at Riekes Equipment and offer fully scalable warehouse solutions that reduce operating costs and increase production, without extra infrastructure requirements. Riekes Equipment is proud to be the official Yale forklift dealer in Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota and Western Iowa, and our service department is fully-equipped to deal with the routine maintenance and repairs of Yale forklifts Driven by Balyo.


Every year, companies in the United States waste billions of dollars through inefficient warehouse management. Learn how to integrate your existing fleet management with Balyo in order to increase productivity and reduce costs. Contact us to learn more about our warehouse efficiency surveys which provides recommendations that can increase efficiencies and reduce costs 15% the first year- guaranteed.

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