Increase the efficiency of your facility with an industrial vehicle from Motrec. These burden carriers, personnel carriers, tow tractors, and stock chasers are built to be incredibly robust and reliable to meet the needs of the material handling industry. Motrec vehicles are powered by an energy-efficient all-electric motor, feature regenerative braking systems, create zero emissions, and yet maintain incredible towing power, strength, and ruggedness.


Do you need efficient transportation for your warehouse, distribution center, or job site? Do you need a tow tractor with the capacity to haul up to 200,000 pounds? Talk to Riekes Equipment about an electric industrial vehicle from Motrec. Our friendly sales staff, at any of our six locations in Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, and North Dakota, can walk you through your options from Motrec burden carriers to Motrec tow tractors and help you find the perfect machine to fit your needs. We also provide maintenance services, parts, and training resources for Motrec vehicles.

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