• Wet disc brakes are employed in conjunction with the power assist braking system to reduce brake effort, extend brake life, provide increased stopping power and eliminate brake squeal sometimes associated with drum brakes.
  • The "zero turn" radius steer axle and dual AC drive motors combine to provide extraordinary maneuverability. The Hyster designed thermal management system maximizes performance during continuous operation, while preventing damage to components due to heat.
  • The platform utilizes AC motors and transistor controller technology for both the traction and hydraulic systems, reducing the frequency and cost of maintenance.
  • The standard extended shift feature provides an excellent balance between battery runtime and truck productivity. Operator selectable performance modes further increase efficiency in multi-task operations.

  • Model Load Capacity (lbs) Maximum Travel Speed (mph) Maximum Lift Speed (ft/min)
    J80XN 8000 13 118
    J90XN 9000 13 93
    J100XN 10000 13 93
    J100XNL 10000 13 96
    J110XN 11000 13 96
    J120XN 12000 13 96
  • Capacity: 8,000 - 12,000 lbs
  • Max Height: 236
  • Max Weight: 12000 lbs
  • Series Title: J80-120XN
  • Type: Electric Pneumatic Tire
  • Weight: lbs


Download at http://www.riekesequipment.com/new-equipment/forklifts/4-wheel-electric/J80-120XN

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