• Hydrostatic Power Steering with Tilt Steering Wheel
  • Integrated Computer Controlled Hydrostatic Drive and Efficient Fuel System
  • Dual Joystick Hydraulic Control Levers
  • Solid, Pneumatic-Style Drive and Steer Tires
  • Adjustable Steering Column, Key Switch, Rear View Mirror, Horn and Seatbelt
  • 6,000 lbs. (2727kg) Capacity at 24 (600mm) Load Center
  • Comfortable Seated Operation with Vinyl Suspension Seat
  • LPG Engine, GM 4.3L Tier IV and LPG Fuel System (Tank Not Included)
  • 23
  • Four-Wheel Design, Dual Hydrostatically Driven Front Wheels
  • All Weather Cab With Heater and Windshield Wipers is Optional
  • 40
  • Dash Display Contains Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge, Hour Meter, Clock, Warning Icons and Display Function Buttons
  • Neutral Start, Anti Restart, Operator Presence Seat Switch


Download at http://www.riekesequipment.com/new-equipment/forklifts/articulated--swing-mast/R60i4H