• Superb rack visibility via a ‘see-through’ cantilevered grid-style overhead guard and widely spaced mast channels with rear mounted lift cylinders.
  • Adjustable multifunction control handle comes with three-position adjustments that allow your operators to tailor its position relative to their preferred operating stance on the truck.
  • The wire guidance system features rapid wire acquisition.
  • Equipped with the HySense continuous height-sensing control system which replaces the ‘step-downs’ at pre-set intervals with smooth, gradual linear speed reduction that is barely noticeable to your operators.
  • The pallet clamp automatically centers and grips the pallet to allow fast, easy order picking. The foot-operated pedal is easily actuated for quick pallet release.
  • 1-inch thick shock-absorbent floor mat and flush-mounted footswitch allow a natural stance for driving in chassis or forks-first position. A 32” deep operator platform is also available.

  • Model Load Capacity (lbs) Battery Maximum Travel Speed (mph) Maximum Lift Speed (ft/min) Lower Lift Speed (ft/min)
    R30XMS3 Standard 3000 24 6 40 52
    R30XM3 Counterbalanced 3000 36 6.5 78 80
    R30XMA3 Straddle 3000 36 6.5 78 80
    R30XMF3 Furniture Mover 1500 36 6.5 78 80
  • Capacity: 1,500 - 3,000 lbs
  • Max Height: 360
  • Max Weight: 3000 lbs
  • Series Title: R30XMS3, R30XM3, R30XMA3, R30XMF3
  • Type: Narrow Aisle Order Picker
  • Weight: lbs


Download at http://www.riekesequipment.com/new-equipment/forklifts/order-pickers/R30XMS3, R30XM3, R30XMA3, R30XMF3

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