The multi-trailer hauling MT-210 is a highly maneuverable and operator-friendly stand-up tugger that’s ideal for frequent step-in-and-out applications – thanks to a rear central driving position with easy step-on/step-off from both sides. It’s also powerful, reliable and comfortable: standard features include a leaf springs rear suspension system, AC powertrain and an impressive 16,000-lb towing capacity. The 56-inch turning radius is the tightest in its category. The new generation MT-210 now also boasts Motrec’s signature look.


  • Energy-saving regenerative braking lengthens running time by using energy more efficiently. Braking is automatically applied whenever the accelerator is released, feeding energy back into the battery. Operator also uses the brake less often, reducing wear and tear.
  • Battery-saving efficient DC/DC converter equalizes battery cells by converting 36V or 48V to 12V for accessories. Batteries are therefore discharged more evenly, resulting in better output and a longer battery life.
  • Versatile, heavy-duty hitches ensures quick and safe hitching, even with heavy loads. Most of our vehicles work with multiple hitch configurations and a wide range of attachments. Some models, like our Clevis hitch with safety spring, work with a simple hand release system or remotely from the driver’s seat. Tailored solutions also available.
  • Heavy-duty braking power provides faster braking and shorter stopping distances, even when towing heavy loads. Stronger, more durable and more efficient design ensures superior braking performance with less maintenance vs. competing brakes. Brake safely and confidently every time.
  • Robust long-life industrial batteries no more mid-shift recharging! These powerful batteries can last a full shift, even with long distances. Supports Opportunity Rapid charging. Encased for easy replacing. Various options and models available.
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