The MT-310 is in a class of its own. Designed from the ground up to offer exceptional versatility, this hard-working tow tractor is jam-packed with features operators will appreciate – starting with its ergonomic one-touch sit-down / stand-up seat that reduces fatigue and strain. The easy-access rear hitch means no more constantly climbing in and out of the vehicle. A low-maintenance, high-efficiency AC vehicle with a confident 16,000-lb towing capacity and full customization possibilities.


  • New Sit-Down / Stand-Up seat Motrec’s new sit-down / stand-up seat makes it easy for operators of virtually all shapes and sizes to work comfortably from a wide range of driving positions. Operators simply pull up on the seat to raise it to the standing position; they simply push down to lower it to the desired sitting position.
  • Robust long-life industrial batteries no more mid-shift recharging! These powerful batteries can last a full shift, even with long distances. Supports Opportunity Rapid charging. Encased for easy replacing. Various options and models available.
  • High-efficiency asynchronous AC / Direct Drive motor offers better control for full motor performance, as well as higher possible speeds and better torque at low speeds. Maintenance-free brushless electric motor equipped with temperature and speed sensors.
  • Protect operators and your investment standard features like recessed lights, sealed electrical components, laser-engraved backlit buttons and heavy-duty ignition key sealed from water and dust all increase operator safety while better protecting your investment.
  • AC controller with sealed connectors paired with multifunction display allows for precise speed control for greater safety and vehicle performance. Includes indicators for speed, battery state of charge, hour meter, odometer and fault warnings. Password-protected parameters and monitoring capability.
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