The MP-240 is an economic and cost-effective vehicle that can adapt to any industry. It’s narrow and maneuverable enough to fit through door openings, but tough enough to withstand years of abuse. It’ll move you and your stock three times faster than on foot, quickly boosting operational productivity. Features include under-seat battery compartment, low-step entry, and front and lateral protection bars. Optional lift-out battery box and fold-down back seat. A multi-purpose vehicle offering great value and day-to-day reliability.


  • Fatigue- and accident-saving ergonomic suspension increases stability for a smoother, safer ride even on challenging terrain. Ergonomic design lessens impacts, resulting in greater operator comfort and less risk of injury. Travel of 1.5 inches. Various configurations available.
  • Time-saving lift-out battery compartment makes changing batteries quick and easy. Because the batteries are not attached to the vehicle, maintenance is easier, too. Simply lift out the compartment and replace batteries with fresh ones.
  • Reinforced bolt-on front and rear bumpers protects vehicle components from damage and keeps maintenance costs low. Equipped with anchors for easier towing. Bumpers are easy to replace when needed. An easy, low-cost way to protect your investment.
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