The industry’s most versatile stand-up stock chaser / order picker now offers even more. More capacity: up to 6,000 lbs. for towing and 1,750 lbs. for loads. More standard features: leaf spring suspension, integrated 2-step ladder and loading anchors, USB charger, storage compartments, fully protected electrical components and more. More options: AC powertrain and robust front rubber bumper. Of course, the MS-260 still has a long list of standard driver-friendly features: 59″ deck, dual front wheels, short turning radius, light touch controls, padded backrest, ergonomic driving position, low-step entry…. And as always, it can be fully customized.


  • Energy-saving regenerative braking lengthens running time by using energy more efficiently. Braking is automatically applied whenever the accelerator is released, feeding energy back into the battery. Operator also uses the brake less often, reducing wear and tear.
  • Time-saving roll-out battery compartment makes changing batteries extremely quick and easy. Just roll out the compartment to replace the battery with a fresh one and you’re good to go. Keeps vehicles running round-the-clock. Easy maintenance.
  • Keep everything securely within reach integrated storage compartments, loading anchors and the 2-step ladder keep everything within easy reach and securely in place. The USB charger keeps your devices charged at all times.
  • Stability-boosting dual front wheels improves vehicle stability and maneuverability. Robust dual design is twice as strong as a single wheel. Increases wheel lifespan and reduces maintenance as wheels suffer less wear and tear.
  • Safely handle heavy loads up to 6,000 lb. towing capacity and 1,750 lb. load capacity supported by a sturdy leaf spring suspension to spread heavy loads more widely over the machine’s chassis. Improves handling and control while maximizing suspension travel and helping to reduce sway.
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