• Dual Joysticks Control all Hydraulic Functions
  • Ergonomic Design for Exceptional Operator Comfort and Safety
  • Adjustable Suspension Seat Improves Operator Comfort
  • SEPEX Traction and Hydraulic Motors Ensure Minimal Maintenance and High Efficiency
  • 72 Volt Electrical System
  • Large Battery Compartment Allows Maximum Battery Capacity for Long Run Times
  • Hydrostatic Power Steering Provides Smooth, Reliable, Long-Lasting Steering Control
  • Interactive LCD Status Monitor (BDI with Lift Interrupt, Hour Meter with Service Monitor, Diagnostic Code Display, Input Device Calibration)
  • 6,000 lb. (2727kg) and 8,000 lb. (3636kg) Capacities at 24
  • Four-Wheel Design, Independently Driven Front Drive Wheels and Dual Rear Steering Wheels Provide Excellent Maneuverability and Traction
  • High Visibility Mast Allows Optimum Safety and View of Loads and Forks
  • High Efficiency Curtis SEPEX Controllers Provide Trouble-Free Operation


Download at http://www.riekesequipment.com/new-equipment/specialty-forklifts/articulated--swing-mast/SL60 / SL80

SL80 Brochure
SL60 Brochure