Automating Your Application with Balyo and Riekes

If you are familiar with operations of warehouses, manufacturers, distribution centers, retail stockrooms or even grocery stores, you have seen pallet trucks and pallet jacks. Employees in these companies may walk items back and forth all day just to keep operations going. Wouldn’t it be great if you could better use talented employees and leverage technology to make your workplace more efficient?

It isn’t the future…modern warehouses and distributions centers are already using technology and it isn’t just high-speed conveyor applications. In fact, robotics that came into the auto manufacturing world more than 50 years ago can now help you gain major efficiency in your warehouse and distribution centers.

Autonomous mobile robotics (AMR) shuttle systems, fetch robots and robotic lift trucks are common practice at companies like Amazon, Netflix, Fed Ex and Zappos who pride themselves on quick and efficient fulfillment and shipping.

Automation using robotic lifts not only gain productivity, but also scalability and safer operations. These reliable Yale lift trucks can move material across a huge warehouse using new 5300 laser technology with no expensive guidance systems or special floors.

Balyo Robotic Lift Trucks can be optimized many unique applications. Check out this video that shows what a robotic lift truck can do.

  • Standard Yale Truck with Standard Balyo navigation and automation
  • Dual Mode: lift trucks can be used as an automatic or manually
  • Self-Palletizing Entry & Exit: Able to pick up and drop off heavy pallets by itself

Take the next step into warehouse automation with Balyo and Robotic Lift Trucks!

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