Jun 12, 2020

Is Your Workplace Prepared for New Social Distancing Protocols?

Contributed by Starrco Pre-engineered Wall Systems

At some point, all American companies are going to need employees to return to work. Any return to work effort will be a gradual process, but things are going to need to be different.

The federal government is developing guidelines for all businesses to configure layouts and workspaces to ensure proper social distancing along with PPE resources and sanitization recommendations. Certain businesses with large capacities or tight settings such as restaurants, theaters, and public transportation will have even stricter standards.

Now is the time to think about how you redesign our office, industrial or warehouse workspaces to meet the newly formed guidelines and keep your workforce safe and comfortable.

Separating workspaces by at least six feet can be accomplished by any of these options: creating individual offices, adding walls to existing open spaces, installing half-walls or privacy panels to divide open workspaces.

Modular construction is fast, clean and can be erected with minimal effort. No other construction method delivers the speed, flexibility and total solution that modular wall systems offer.

Employers have a duty under the Occupational Safety and Health Act to make sure they provide a safe workplace. And there are many new products out there that can help you implement new protocols for your employees. There are a lot of new scenarios to think about:

  • Will you need to screen workers for fever or signs of illness before they enter your building?
  • If a worker begins to show symptoms during their shift, do you have an area to isolate that employee from co-workers?
  • How do you maintain social distancing during normal operations?

There are new innovations that can play a key role in preparing your company for its next chapter.

Screening Booths

Screening booths are a tiny, portable cleanroom that provides a safe environment at an industrial workplace and can also be deployed to many other frontline applications such as courthouses, city halls, government buildings and hospitals as an examination spot for wellness checks.

This multipurpose building can also be converted to a shipping/receiving check-in, a security booth, a transportation office or any number of uses after protocols change.

Protection During Testing and Wellness Checks

A sliding widow is standard, butut custom options include a glass partition with arm portals that allow for testing or examinations from within the booth. The optional arm portals can be equipped with one-piece bonded neoprene gloves or an iris port.

These booths are delivered ready to occupy for indoor or outdoor deployment with wipe-down surfaces for easy sterilization. They even include isolated HVAC, power and data ports.

Isolation Rooms

Isolation Rooms can range from an all-new stand-alone spot reserved for the quarantine of a sick worker or the conversion of an existing space to be as comfortable and safe as you would want it to be if you were the patient.

An isolation room, like most modular spaces, can be dismantled and moved to a new location to be used as you see fit making is perfect to adapt to changing needs.

For more information about US government recommendations for workplace social distancing:


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