Beverage & Grocery

With the growing number of SKUs in the beverage industry, production and order fulfilment becoming more complicated. This growth in product creates a need for more racking and storage at a time that warehouse space is harder to find. It’s time to get creative with space utilization.

We know you need flexibility and customized features, solutions for layer picking, premium ergonomics…and ultimately an improved ROI.


  • Direct store delivery is labor-intensive and routes are getting longer.
  • Physically demanding work can be challenging for workers.
  • An inexperienced workforce leads to more product and facility damages as well as employee injuries.


  • How can I leverage vertical storage and narrow aisles to gain more storage in my existing warehouse?
  • How can robotic trucks and palletizing systems help subsidize my workforce?
  • How am I managing OSHA required checklists?
  • Can I leverage multi-load attachments to increase productivity?


    Telescopic Forks will reduce product and pallet damage commonly due to the various pallet sizes of the beverage industry. 


    2/1 Pallet Handlers allow handling more loads in less time, increasing productivity and reducing handling costs during storage or loading and unloading of vehicles.