In 2018 there were almost 250,000 unfilled construction jobs in the US, which then causes projects to stall out and deadlines to get missed. With the costs of building materials constantly on the rise in an industry that is slow to embrace technology, it is hard to stay competitive and keep the employees you have safe…and working.


  • Rugged environments with extreme temperatures are tough on people and equipment.
  • Industry consolidation creates greater dependency on a mixed fleet of old and undermaintained equipment.
  • Low unemployment and hard work make it difficult to find and retain qualified workers.


  • How are we managing OSHA required checklists and the new aerial lift requirements?
  • How can I leverage technology and data to increase safety?
  • What is the average age of my equipment fleet?
  • What are my biggest safety concerns?
  • How often are we experiencing equipment downtime?


Are you ready for the new aerial lift standards? See how we can help you get in compliance before the deadline with our aerial lift training classes.

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Fall Protection Systems like full-body harnesses, service platforms and self-retracting lanyards are required to keep your employees safe from falls and injury.