Food Processing Plants

Managing the strict food and safety regulations set in place by the FDA, USDA and OSHA can be a full-time job. And although the deadline for meeting the requirements of NFPA 652 is not until September 2020, facilities need to be thinking about processes, equipment, and facility cleanliness now. And that can be challenging when the industry is facing a worker shortage.


  • Increases in raw material costs on top of already low margins.
  • Low unemployment and a limited pool of people wanting physically demanding work creating labor shortages - especially during peak seasons.
  • Large battery storage and changing rooms needed to support a multi-shift operation take valuable space in a production facility.


  • What is our battery charging strategy?
  • How often do I experience equipment downtime?
  • How do we deal with seasonal labor influxes?
  • How do we manage and store OSHA-required checklists?


Rack solutions create safer conditions for food processors with less product damage. 

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