Lumber Industry

Most companies see forklifts as a necessary evil. You need them to get the work done, but they can add a tremendous cost.

What if those costs could be reduced, or if your forklifts could actually add value to your operation?

When it comes to right sizing your fleet - we are the best in the business. It is possible to increase productivity by 20% - 70% with the correct equipment for the long loads and narrow aisles of the lumber industry.


  • Extreme heat/ and cold exposure pushes equipment to its limits.
  • Forced to use equipment longer than its useful life, resulting in equipment downtime and manufacturing bottlenecks.
  • Limited pool of qualified candidates and high turnover creates workforce shortages.


  • Where are the largest bottlenecks in my lumber process?
  • What is the average age of our lift trucks?
  • How often do we experience equipment downtime?
  • Do we have any issues with load stability?

Featured Product

Combi-Lifts are specifically designed for long, awkward loads when space is limited. Multi-directional and articulating, this truck comes in many different sizes to meet the needs of small and large businesses alike.