Retail Distribution

The fulfillment of batch orders is time-consuming and labor-intensive. And with tightening timelines and the increasing need for order accuracy, efficiency is more critical than ever in distribution centers.

What if you could improve productivity up to 200% just by picking a different forklift?

An enclosed end-rider truck can accommodate 8 pallets per cycle…which could be just the efficiency gain you are looking for.


  • The growing number of SKUs creates a need for more racking and space.
  • Fulfillment and distribution of small and large batch orders are time-consuming, labor-intensive and complex.
  • Physically demanding and unappealing work increases labor challenges.
  • Increasing costs of fulfillment.


  • How much productivity time is lost changing or recharging our equipment batteries?
  • Are we looking for ways to reduce administrative costs and extend the useful life of equipment?
  • Can we add more space by changing equipment and aisle width?
  • How can we reduce operating costs to stay competitive and increase margins?

Case Study

Designing your warehouse and working space is key to efficient and safe operations. Explore a cost-effective solution that can more than double your storage space!

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See a robotic palletizing system efficiently and accurately pack a pallet.

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