Steel, Metal and Aluminum

The steel industry is known for being cyclical and responds to market conditions— just as demand increases during economic booms, it plummets during recessions. Consequently, there is constant pressure to find better ways to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Find that advantage and the steel industry holds abundant promising prospects for growth and profit.


  • Steel manufacturing produces large amounts of solid wastes and need to look at recycling options to remove and recycle valuable materials from the slug that can be reused.
  • Steelmakers are constantly struggling to increase profit margins due the high rates of production and volatile raw material prices.
  • Finding alternative ways to produce steel using methods that limit CO2 emission in order to comply with climate initiatives.


  • How will we keep up with growing demand as the focus on infrastructure continues?
  • What am I doing to bridge the growing labor shortage?
  • Have we explored the automation and technology solutions that can help us stay competitive?


Automation solutions are more attainable than you may think - and the results are unmatched. Increase accuracy, productivity and safety in your facility.

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HOIST AND CRANES can be used to efficiently move large sheets of metal, especially when near other workers or equipment. 


ROBOTIC WELDERS provide a consistent high-quality weld for greater productivity and throughput.