Hoist & Crane Repairs, Training and Maintenance


Cranes are a vital part of your daily operations – don’t let a lapse in inspections or repairs cause unnecessary down time. Our technicians are thoroughly trained to install, repair, maintain, modify and inspect all major brands of overhead cranes, hoists and below the hook lifting devices.

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Maintenance, Service and Repairs

Regular crane safety inspections will not only help you comply with OSHA and ANSI standards, but also identify areas that require service. Proactive hoist and crane maintenance will reduce the frequency of breakdowns while keeping your employees and equipment safe.

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Crane Runway Inspections

Whether you are updating an existing crane or maintaining one in a high-volume operation, beam alignment is critical to reduce runway damage and make sure your team is safe. We provide runway surveys to identify what may be out of the acceptable variance so you can be proactive in addresses areas of concern.

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Crane Modifications

As your business changes, so does technology and the demands placed on your crane equipment. Since your overhead crane was first built, safety regulations and production requirements have probably changed. Our technicians can breathe new life into an older crane, possibly creating a more economical option to completely replacing your equipment.

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OSHA Compliant Training for Your Operators for Your Equipment. At Riekes, we understand that proper training is key to success. We support our customers with crane operator, rigging, and safety training that meets OSHA/ANSI requirements. You’ll have a safer workplace and save money on potential repairs caused by improper use.

Tracking Your Assets

It is critical to your operations to track your assets. Knowing what the condition and history of your hoist & crane equipment can provide major benefit and efficiency to your workplace.

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Load Testing

When was your last crane load test? Riekes provides certified load testing services of overhead cranes, jibs, gantries, monorails and hoists, as well as below-the-hook equipment to ensure your crane system can safely handle the maximum weight capacity.

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Managing Inspections

Managing inspection paperwork can be a huge task. Our inspection process is completely digital providing consistency and easy retrieval. No more clipboards and notebooks- we’ve eliminated the need for paper.

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