Finding and retaining employees is a challenge…especially in a manufacturing environment. The Manufacturing Institute found that 22% of skilled manufacturing workers (2.7M employees) are retiring over the next decade. In addition, industry growth will require the addition of 700,000 skilled employees during this same time. This means the manufacturing industry needs a total of 3.4M workers... and is going to fall 2M workers short.

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Consider these numbers: 36%, 3.7% and 50-70%

  • 36% – the turnover of warehouse and storage employees
  • 3.7% – the unemployment rate for warehouse employees in 2019
  • 50-70% – the amount of labor in a warehouse operation’s total operating cost

How do we hit productivity goals and stay ahead of the competition?

The answer is in these numbers...and in leveraging automation.

  • 35% – the adoption rate of robotics and automation in material handling companies
  • 80-90% – the expected adoption rate in companies by 2019

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs), robots, and automated storage & retrieval systems (ASRS) can all be programmed to perform repetitive, sophisticated tasks. They are able to map out their surroundings, self-navigate, and work side-by-side with your team. Adding automation to your operations will ultimately increase productivity and significantly reduce overall costs.

Automation will help you leave your competition in the dust.


Fleet Management

Are you operating your fleet as efficiently as you could be? Riekes Equipment’s Fleet Management program results in cost savings – and lowered stress – for warehousing operations. Call our specialists today to learn more about our guaranteed 15% cost savings plan in the first year of implementation.  

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