You have Plenty of Challenges


There are so many new motive power options out there. Make sure you have the best one for your operations to minimize downtime and handle more throughput. 


  • All batteries include standard warranty
  • Automatic filling systems are available for reduced maintenance and servicing times
  • Terminal connections are bolted for simple, quick and effective maintenance


  • A comprehensive range of single and 3 phase chargers is available in all standard voltages
  • High frequency, intelligent chargers provide reduced recharging times and costs and deliver optimum performance
  • A visual display indicates the state of the battery charging cycle and an automatic cut out prevents overcharging
  • All chargers include standard warranty

We have got the batteries you need to keep moving…

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Go Green - Learn the Benefits of Converting to Electric

  • Save thousands per truck in fuel cost and reduced maintenance expenses.

  • Eliminate CO2 emissions that can be dangerous in small or enclosed areas.

  • Keep the performance and power you need but with less noise.

Forklift Batteries

From pallet trucks to heavy-duty narrow aisle turret trucks, we fit the battery to the vehicle to achieve optimum performance throughout the workday.

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Lithium Ion Batteries

How does a power solution built for superior productivity, charging flexibility, no maintenance and smart sustainability sound?

Quick Charging Batteries

What if your operation could achieve higher productivity, eliminate cumbersome battery charging infrastructure and deliver consistently high performance? Well, it’s possible using hydrogen fuel cells

Battery Handling Systems

Even if the process only takes 15 minutes, when you are changing batteries 3 times a day that is 8 wasted days a year. The right battery charging infrastructure will reduce turnaround time and ensure proper handling for better servicing and storing of your forklift batteries. When it’s time to recharge, there are options for every environment and budget.