Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

Leverage Technology For Increased Productivity, Capacity and Safety

With more industries relying on robotics for greater productivity and profitability... you can't afford to miss out.  It's time to think bigger, faster, more accurate.  It's time to think...automation.

Take advantage of the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of the Pallet Shuttle® “Omni-Directional” automated storage and retrieval system.  Using a computer-controlled system, the power is in your hands to easily and automatically place or retrieve product from storage locations with precision and speed.  Not only does it improve inventory tracking, but also reduces warehouse accidents by decreasing the need for redundant manual labor in the picking process. It also can eliminate the need for any warehouse aisles by replacing large areas of shelving to dramatically increase the cubic space of your facility.

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  • Compact Footprint - High-density storage and eliminating aisles can save up to 85% of floor space occupied by shelving
  • Reduced Labor Requirements - Pallet shuttle systems require 2/3 less labor to operate
  • Improved Pick Accuracy - Using bar codes and pick-to-light technology help to achieve 99% pick accuracy rates
  • Increased Throughput - Pick faster to keep up with customer demand
  • Greater Inventory Control - Easily manage your inventory so you always know what you have and where it is
  • Improved Safety & Ergonomics - Less people in the warehouse working around moving equipment means less accidents and more safety

If you're struggling with picking errors, product damage, misplaced inventory or if you're facility is at max capacity... it's time to consider automated storage and retrieval systems.  They can be designed around your current processes and will accommodate any existing facility space. High-speed, wireless and low-maintenance... you can't lose.

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