Motive Power Solutions

Implementing the most cost effective battery/charger technology is critical to maximize electric forklift productivity. Battery utilization surveys are performed to identify the most efficient solution; Opportunity Charge or Fast Charge technology.

Forklifts Designed Specifically for your Application

Whether you have traditional aisles or very narrow aisles, we will configure your forklifts to match your density and throughput needs. Capacities up to 36,000 lbs. and beyond.

Pallet Rack to Optimize Density and Throughput

Selective, double deep, pushback, cantilever, drive-in and drive thru all offer unique advantages for pallet/product storage to match your density and throughput needs. We have Storage & Handling Specialists on staff with CAD layout capabilities.

Special Forklifts for Unique Solutions

Multi-Directional, Articulating Masts, and 90° pallet placements are all options to handle unusual size products and aisles as narrow as 66 inches.

High Level and Low Level Order Selectors

Struggling with SKU proliferation or trying to become more efficient in fulfilling orders? Order selectors can improve your efficiency. Man lifts also serve as a great solution.

Increase your Floor Space with a Mezzanine

Create a picking area or even an office, by increasing your square footage with a mezzanine. We can help you get a product on, up and down with conveyors, vertical reciprocating conveyors or material lifts.

Create Flexibility with an in-plant office

Add quiet office space, a clean room, or secure an area even after a facility is built.

Safety and efficiency starts at the dock

Dock levelers, dock seals, truck restraints and other dock accessories will keep your dock safe and running efficiently.

Efficient Load Transfers and Pallet Shuttling Technology

Reduce costs and improve efficiency with specialized equipment. Robots, AGV's, tuggers and carts, etc. can help you move more product at lower cost than traditional material handling equipment.

Pick Modules and Small Parcel Shipping

We can help make your picking, packing and shipping operations more efficient. Shelving, conveyors, work benches and other items help you maximize throughput and gain efficiency.

Floor Care Equipment

Keep your facility clean and safe with floor scrubbers, sweepers and other floor cleaning products. Keep your parking lot and parking garage clean with industrial sweepers and scrubbers.

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Carton Flow and Pallet Flow Racks for Efficient Case and Piece Picking

Pallet flow racks help you pick cases of full pallets of fast moving products. Carton flow racks give you quick access to medium and slow moving items. Couple them with low level and high level order selectors for efficient order fulfillment.

Stretch Wrap Station

From simple manual tools to fully automated stretch wrappers, we can help you get your product wrapped and out the door as efficiently as possible. We can even integrate conveyor systems to feed pallets to the wrapper and take them away.

Overhead Lifting and Ergonomics

Hoist and Crane products, inspections and repair capabilities. Improve ergonomics with balancers, end effectors and below-the-hook attachments. Stay in compliance with OSHA by having us perform hoist inspections and load testing.

Forklift and Fleet Maintenance

Our service department can help you maintain and repair everything on this brochure and more. With fully equipped shops and service vans, we can handle all makes and models of equipment.

Telemetry Systems and Fleet Tracking

Manage your total cost of operation by monitoring critical metrics. We can help you monitor impacts, control forklift operator access, manage OSHA pre-shift checklists and track maintenance and productivity. Real-time updates help you manage your fleet and control costs.

Did You Know....

We don't just sell products...we're the partner you can trust to help you look like a hero!

  • Our customers are often surprised by the extent of solutions we offer, with more than 50 vendors at our fingertips - we have an innovative solution for you.
  • Our hoist and crane team can help with installations, inspections and upgrades.
  • Anyone can visit Discovery Center where we have hundreds of products available to view and demo.
  • If you are building, relocating or expanding a warehouse, we can design your racking layout and provide CAD drawings to get the most from your space.

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